Our goal is provide 1 million people with circadian lighting by 2023.

We envision a world where every building meets the occupants biological needs.

Inspired by nature.

Our design philosophy is informed by the natural environment and human physiology, rather than standards.

Guided by science.

Every part of of what we do is based on

scientific research. We use design and technology that reflects our biological response to light.



You don't have to think about the sun to make it set. It just happens. We believe circadian lighting should function the same way. That's why all our designs use automated controls, so that occupants always receive the right light at the right time.

People first.

We believe peoples health is more important than energy efficiency or saving a few bucks. The places we live and work should be to the betterment of our wellbeing

Empower people to make better choices.

There are other factors that can impact people's circadian rhythms' outside of our control.

That's why we believe education and community are key to making a meaningful difference.