We combine research and technology to balance the synergy between light and our biology.


Delivering Nutritional Light

The science is clear – long term exposure to artificial light is disrupting our circadian rhythm. At OSIN we have combined leading edge technology, lighting expertise and research to create Nutritional Light.


Developed at NASA, SkyBlue™ is an evolution of the technology used to help astronauts achieve healthy sleep patterns on the International Space Station. Skyblue™ provides bio-centric light without the dramatic colour shift found in tuneable white.

Skyblue is perfect for:





Light on Nature's Time.

We have developed a timed-control theory that is inspired by the sun to provide the right amount of light at the right time of day. Skyblue spectrum tuning technology enables us to deliver optimum melonopic lux during the day and low melanopic lux at night, without adding harmful short wavelength blue light.

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The light bulb for healthy sleep.

Exposure to blue light at night can effect our body's natural secretion of melatonin and compromise our sleep quality.  Poor quality sleep is linked with negative flow-on effects to our health. We challenged ourselves to find the ideal light source for evening use at home.


Light, optimized for sleep.

LessBlue™ technology is free from daytime signaling blue light. Bedtime Bulb provides a warm and comfortable night time light, designed to set the tone for a great nights sleep.

Vivid Colours

Make your environment 


Most modern LED lamps for the home do not render colors well. This causes people, images, and objects to look dull and unsaturated. Bedtime Bulb produces a vivid color spectrum, delivering a comfortable visual light.


No more eyestrain. 

Many LED lamps prodcue flicker, a rapid flashing that can lead to eyestrain, headaches, and loss in concentration. FlickerSafe™ Technology eliminates harmful flicker, providing a smooth, constant light that doesn't irritate the eye.

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