You're already using a blue light filter on your phone.

It's time your home caught up.


Why OSIN for Home

Minimise blue light at night

 Powered by Less Blue™️ technology, providing us with the nutritional light we need at night. 

Prepare for better sleep

Supports your circadian rhythm so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Visual comfort for the home

The warm colour provides visual comfort, reducing eye-strain and headaches.

Darker Nights

Light after dark is a necessity of modern life, however is doesn't need to come at the cost of healthy sleep.  Too much blue light at night can delay our onset of melatonin and cause what is know as Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD).


Most of us understand the impact  using screen based media devices at night can have on sleep, however the artificial lighting in the home could be just as harmful.

We need to be aware of how much and what type of light we are exposed to at night to ensure we are giving our bodies the best evening environment.

Our OSIN for Home products are a range of simple, but effective lighting tools specifically designed to minimise the amount of alerting blue light they produce, whilst providing visually warm light at night.


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