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Ralph Booth


With over 20 years experience in technical and architectural lighting Ralph is no stranger to quality light. However the term ‘quality light’ has been redefined in recent times; particularly, how light affects health.

Ralph founded OSIN with a simple goal: improve health by helping restore circadian rhythms. 

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Serge Janjic

Chief of Operations

Serge grew up in The Mount, before moving down to the University of Otago where he completely his BA in Psychology & Philosophy. In 2019 he returned to New Zealand, after spending almost a decade in Sydney working at Light Culture, to pursue his interest in the biological effects of lighting.

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Nina Li


Nina studied Biotechnology in Dalian Jiao Tong University in 2007, before moving to Birmingham (UK) to complete her master's degree in molecular biotechnology. In 2014 she began her PhD at the University of Auckland.

“During my studies, I would spend long days in the lab or writing my thesis, and I became more conscious of my lack of sunlight exposure and the toll it was beginning to take on my health. I realised the vast gap between the scientific understanding of the circadian rhythm and my lifestyle. I became determined to apply my learned knowledge to help improve the health of others.”

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Harry Booth

Head of Content

Harry completed an internship in The Cook Island, working as a videographer, before returning to New Zealand. He currently splits his time between OSIN and studying at the University of Auckland. He is responsible for OSIN's digital content; everything from social media content to this very website. It really makes you wonder... did he write about himself in 3rd person.

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