We spend up to 85% of our day indoors. We can no longer rely solely on natural light to provide the specific wavelengths and intensities that regulate our biological processes. We strive to improve human health by adding the benefits of natural light into the built environment.

At OSIN we believe that everyone should have access to nutritional light.

Synchronising our circadian rhythm to the 24hr day requires a specialized approach to lighting that goes beyond the visual.  We strive to bring clarity, expertise and innovation to all projects. 


To exhibit a true biological response from light we need to deliver the right light, at the right place, at the right time. This requires new metrics and a deeper understanding of how people use a space. OSIN can identify the areas in a project most sensitive to the effect of nutritional light.

noun_eco light bulb_266630-2.png

OSIN has global leading technology partners specialising in LED innovation and control. This enables us to deliver high levels of melanopic lux during the day at desirable CCTs (3500K+) without compromising color quality or stability.  The patented SkyBlue™️ technology allows us to amplify the circadian response by lowering melanopic lux levels in the evening. OSIN has the manufacturing capabilites to create optimised nutritional lighting solutions for any project.


We believe in empowering people to make better choices for their wellbeing. We also know that to deliver the best possible result, both owners and occupants need to understand what they can do to improve their lighting diet.  On completion of every OSIN project we will provide tools and guidance on how users of the space can benefit the most from nutritional light.

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