Why Nutritional Light?

Enhance sleep


Boost memory

& creativity

Improve immune function

Increase productivity

Improve mental and physical wellbeing

Promote better long term health outcomes

What is Nutritional Light?

Nutritional Light is what our bodies need to synchronise our circadian rhythm and feel at our best. We evolved to live in sync with sunlight. But our modern lifestyles mean we often don't enough of the light we need and too much of the light we don't.

We spend up to 90% of our day indoors 

80% of adults want to improve the quality of their sleep

Current artificial lighting only delivers 1/3 of the nutritional light we need


Understand how light impacts your health

Stay in the loop.

Our Story

Our Story

I would often struggle through the day, feeling under-slept only to feel wide awake when I needed to go to bed.

How Light Could Be Affecting Your Sleep

How Light Could Be Affecting Your Sleep

The connection between humans and their environment goes back as far as life itself.

Why can't I sleep

Why can't I sleep

The reason why so many of us struggling to fall asleep at night?

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